Health & Safety Policy

  • TCC is committed to provide every one of its employees and the related public an accident-free and healthy environment in its efforts to manufacture high quality products at competitive prices. The company will comply with all statutory requirements in this regard.
  • The company will provide a work environment in which identified hazards are controlled, if elimination is not feasible and will provide personal protective equipments wherever necessary.
  • Accident prevention is the direct responsibility of the Line – Management and will be an important criterion for performance appraisal. Line – Management will ensure that all safety measures are incorporated in the operating and maintenance procedures as well as in any process technology changes in the plant/infrastructure.
  • Consideration of health and safety will be given proper weightage in selection and deployment of the personnel.
  • The company will ensure that health and safety aspects are given due consideration in decision regarding purchase of plant equipments, machinery and materials.
  • Every employee of the company shall perform his/her job adopting Safe and proper work methods and using appropriate Safety equipments understanding that their career advancement is linked with SAFE performance.
  • Contractors, sub-contract workers, transporters and visitors entering the factory shall be required to observe health and safety practices of the company in all their activities.
  • All contract jobs will be carried only through the laid down procedures with appropriate supervision.
  • The company will carry out safety audits, risk assessment studies, emergency mock drills, periodic assessment of health of its employees as well as status of environment, and implement remedial measures.
  • Employee, consumer and public awareness where necessary, will be imparted with the required education, training and retraining on Safety and health aspects related to the process and products.
  • The company will include a resume of its health and Safety performance in its annual Reports.


Since the success of a company depends on the health and safety of its employees, it is imperative that work place hazards be identified, appropriately evaluated and effectively controlled to achieve this goal. Whole hearted co-operation of all is solicited for this.


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