IMS Policy



We, the management and employees at “The Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Limited” are committed to adopt suitable processes for the production of high quality products and provide services with commitment to achieve and enhance customer satisfaction.

We as a responsible corporate citizen are committed to provide better quality of life with utmost priority to protect the environment, health and safety of all the stakeholders by eliminating hazards.

We adhere to the compliance of statutory and other requirements and strive to achieve better than what prescribed by law. Towards the achievement of this we shall:

  • Develop / adopt clean and safe technology for the manufacture of quality products
  • Establish environment, health and safety strategies like maximum recycle, recovery, reuse and loss prevention.
  • Adopt energy conservation measures that optimally utilizes the resources and prevent pollution
  • Inform statutory authorities and educate all stakeholders about the quality and potential environmental, health and safety hazards of the chemical used and products produced by us
  • Employing professionally qualified team with a positive awareness of quality, environment, health and safety and ensuring consultation and participation.
  • Continuously provide necessary resources to implement this policy
  • Establish continually improving management system with emphasis to customer satisfaction & product Quality, Health, Safety and Environment protection.

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