The Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd., popularly knows as TCC was established in 1950. The idea of establishing the unit was conceived by M/s Sheshasayee Brothers the then Managing Agents of FACT.

The venture was started as partnership concern in the name Travancore Mettur Chemicals with FACT and MCIC (Mettur Chemicals and Industrial Corporation) as partners. In 1951 the partnership was registered as a Public Limited Company, with the State Government contributing the major share of equity and the company was then named as TRAVANCORE-COCHIN CHEMICALS LTD. M/s Sheshasayee Brothers continued to be the managing agents for the next 10 years.

Commercial production of Caustic Soda from the first plant of 20 tpd capacity was started in 1954 January. TCC is the first unit in India to manufacture Rayon grade Caustic Soda.

Stages of Growth

  • 1956 - A continuous Caustic Fusion Plant 20 tpd for producing Caustic Soda flakes.
  • 1958 - Chlorine Liquefaction Plant
  • 1960 - Capacity enhanced to 30 tpd further to 40 tpd.
    • Established new plant for manufacture of Sodium Hydrosulphate
    • 3 tpd capacity
  • 1967 - 7 tpd Sodium Hydrosulphate
    • 60 tpd Caustic Fusion Plant
    • 4 tpd Iron free Sodium Sulphate
  • 1975 - Added another 100 tpd Caustic Soda Membrane Unit thereby increased the production capacity 200 tpd own Water Treatment Plant. (by 1988, many of the old unit were dismantled)
  • 1997 - 100 TPD Caustic Soda manufacturing unit using Membarane technology capacity 125 tpd.
  • 1998 - New CCF Plant in place of existing 60 tpd.
  • 2005 - Addition 25 tpd
  • 2006 - Addition 25 tpd
  • 2013 - Commissioned 5 TPD Sodium Chlorate Plant, a joint venture between TCC & ISRO
  • 2021 - 60 TPD HCL Synthesis Unit with Steam Cogeneration (First of its kind in India)
    • 100 TPD Triple Effect Caustic Concentratin Plant
  • 2022 - 75 TPD bipolar membrane cell Caustic Soda Plant 


At present the total installed capacity is 250 TPD Caustic Soda.


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